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P52: Favorites

Hi everyone!

So I know I haven’t been very good at keeping up with this project but for good reason: I’ve been pleasantly busy!   Since the last post it appears that the P52 project has moved too!   BIG shout out to Kent Weakley for now moderating and hosting the project for the rest of the year.

This past week we (the hubby and me)  took a long awaited V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N to visit some friends and family in So Cal that we hadn’t seen in awhile.  You can only imagine my excitement to be able to shoot in varying GREEN backgrounds, ocean, water, sand, color … not mention all the cultural experiences. I loved that you can practically get any type of food you want – ANY type-  within a ONE MILE radius in some parts of LA !!   It felt nice to be in my old neighborhood and reminisce down memory lane.

That said, here is a small collection of my FAVORITE photos from the trip (from the 1st half anyway, the second half I am still rummaging through). The first shows the Annular eclipse on Sunday May 20, then some snapshots of my cousin and her kids and me, then of my other cousin’s kids, my newest subject Lily (the beagle mix),  and a peek at a shoot of my friends’ adorable son – he turns 2 in a few weeks!   Beach pics to follow next week….




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