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I have been blessed to  have been selected to photograph some great families over the course of the last month.

Here  is a small collection of my favorites from each session.  I hope to include individual posts for future sessions…

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P52: School’s out!

Hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July!!

The summer has been busy – thus I’ve been falling behind on posts.  Believe it or not, I’m STILL editing the 2nd half of pics from our Calif trip in May.   It’s odd now that I am more into this business,

I find myself  editing everyone else’s photos first then the rest.  My best  friend probably has some disdain toward me as I had some awesome photos of the  sprinkle’s ice cream grand opening and some awesome beach shots,  but that will be saved for a separate post. …

I’m getting back on the bandwagon this week with P52 theme: School’s out!

Being in Las Vegas- the summer heat starts to become unbearable. For a natural light photographer, like myself,  that means early session starts. I had a fun time with this little girl and  running through the fountains. I love the expression of her face!!  What do you think?








P52: Favorites

Hi everyone!

So I know I haven’t been very good at keeping up with this project but for good reason: I’ve been pleasantly busy!   Since the last post it appears that the P52 project has moved too!   BIG shout out to Kent Weakley for now moderating and hosting the project for the rest of the year.

This past week we (the hubby and me)  took a long awaited V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N to visit some friends and family in So Cal that we hadn’t seen in awhile.  You can only imagine my excitement to be able to shoot in varying GREEN backgrounds, ocean, water, sand, color … not mention all the cultural experiences. I loved that you can practically get any type of food you want – ANY type-  within a ONE MILE radius in some parts of LA !!   It felt nice to be in my old neighborhood and reminisce down memory lane.

That said, here is a small collection of my FAVORITE photos from the trip (from the 1st half anyway, the second half I am still rummaging through). The first shows the Annular eclipse on Sunday May 20, then some snapshots of my cousin and her kids and me, then of my other cousin’s kids, my newest subject Lily (the beagle mix),  and a peek at a shoot of my friends’ adorable son – he turns 2 in a few weeks!   Beach pics to follow next week….




P52: Green !

I absolutely love this time of year!  All the browns start to turn to green – a color of new life, new beginnings, and fun!   Although I discourage  park photo sessions (it is just a bit common so I encourage subjects to think outside the box for those unique locations),  my last few sessions have been  at a local park that I have fallen in love with. Maybe it’s the fact that Vegas is surrounded by desert and the brown color is so dominant that when you have a chance to play in the green,  and get a backdrop full of green, it is worth  shooting  for.

Here is one of  my favorite photos from my latest park session… isn’t she adorable?!

green park

P52: Things that grow

Ok, I’m a bit late in posting this one. Here’s a pic for last week’s  theme:  things that grow.  Here  are a few of my favorite shots from a recent maternity shoot that I took of my friend and her expanding family. I had so much fun incorporating big brother into the photos – especially after trying to show him to make a heart with his hands- this photo was close enough!



P52: Sacrifice

The work/life balance can be tricky  to maneuver through, especially since I started this photography venture earlier this year.   My day job can  demand longer hours,  especially during this time of year. When I do return home, my nights are typically spent editing the previous weekend’s photos, relaxing and spending time with my husband and our 2 dogs (and cat),  or trying to keep up with the house chores (trying being the key word). Lately, it feels I have sacrificed more of my personal time for my passion of photography.  But I know it is time well spent; it already has been. However, can’t help feel a little heart tug for the loyalty my little beagle shows me every night I come home. She runs to the gate, waiting to see my car pull up…. 


P52: Foolin’ Around

Spring is in full swing – and you know what that means?  It’s also the season for birthday parties!  Here’s a peek at Jacob foolin’ around with the train set – his favorite toy and  his birthday theme!

P52: it’s all in the “details”

Last weekend I did  lovely Easter portraits for my friend’s children: her adorable twin girls and son. When the day arrived, it was perfect except for one thing: the wind!   The girls were all dolled up  in matching dresses – one in pink and the other in purple , with Jax, the little boy, was so handsome in his pinstripe suit.  It was a bit tricky working around the wind gusts, but we made the best of the situation and had some fun with an early egg hunt and I was able to capture some poignant moments. One of my favorite shots was of the simple detail of the girls’ hair and their matching toe-nail polish. Check it out for yourself…



P52: Hungry Zombie

I had the opportunity to go to a very uniquely themed birthday party: Zombie!  Meet Gabbie (a different Gabbie). Gabbie turns 4 and LOVES  Lalaloopsy, Strawberry Shortcake, Snow White, and ZOMBIES!  Here’s a sneak peek of the party of her eating a zombie figure from her birthday cake that mom made- very fitting for this week’s P52 theme: Hunger.

Gabbie loves Elmo !

I recently went to our friends’ daughter’s 2nd birthday party. (you may recognize her from previous photos).

We arrived just in time to watch her open her gifts in wonderment: Elmo galore! I LOVE her joyous expression when she discovers she’s been given a Elmo plush toy – priceless.  It got even better as her eyes grew large  in overwhelming anticipation of a 2nd Elmo doll!  Scroll down and see it for yourself  and experience the same childhood delight all over again!