about me

“If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment.”

 Linda McCartney

hello!  my name is cecile.

I am a Las Vegas, NV based natural light photographer with a focus on portraits.  This venture marks a realization of what I have always loved to do: take photographs. For years,  I was pegged as the “photographer” –  IE the person who always had a camera.  I would take pictures and family gatherings and parties and I got really good at timing and pressing the shutter at just the right moment to capture a expressions of delight or surprise.   It is for that very reason why my favorite subjects are people.  I believe that a person brings life to a photo.



My style is casual with a focus on capturing candid, truly emotional moments,  with a mix of some posing.   A photo should not only show the person, but also communicate a feeling of that moment in time.  Nothing is more gratifying for me than to photograph that playful smile, the laughter after a joke, or just the moment of love to be relived each time the photograph is seen.

So bring your smile.  Bring your heart. And most importantly, bring yourself.

I can’t wait to meet you!

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special thanks

  • Steve Averitt for an AMAZING logo design (and Michele for listening to my ramblings every day!)

  • Iris Dumuk for your insight in moving forward with this project

  • Amy Bonzo for your continued support – both in photography and family life

  • my husband, Nathan, for your love, listening ear, and technical support

  • to all my friends and family for volunteering your time and for your encouraging words to start this venture. without you, this would not have been possible!!